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Job Jokes
D Harris


A man was walking along the street when he saw a ladder going
into the clouds. As any of us would do, he climbed the ladder.

He reached a cloud, upon which was sat a rather plump and
homely looking woman. "Screw me or climb the ladder to success"
she said. No contest, thought the man, so he climbed the ladder
to the next cloud. On this cloud was a slightly thinner woman,
who was slightly easier on the eye.

"Screw me or climb the ladder to success" she said. "Well",
thought the man, "might as well carry on. On the next cloud was
an even more attractive lady who, this time, was really hot.

"Screw me now or climb the ladder to success" she uttered. As
he turned her down and went on up the ladder, the man thought
to himself that this was getting better the further he went. On
the next cloud was an absolute beauty. Slim, attractive,
everything he could want. "Screw me or climb the ladder to
success" she flirted.

Unable to imagine what could be waiting, and being a gambling
man, he decided to climb again. When he reached the next cloud,
there was a 400 pound ugly man, arm pit hair showing, flies
buzzing around his crotch.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

"Hello" said the ugly fat man said, "my name's Cess!"

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