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football chants some you may have heard
Bloke Jokes
D Harris

Apparently this was the chant to Lord of the Dance tune at the Man
>United the other day:

>"Park, Park, Where ever you may be
>You eat dogs in your home country
>But it could be worse
>You could be a scouse
>Eating rats in your council house"
>(To the tune of The Addams Family) by fans visiting liverpool:
>Your sister is your mother
>Your uncle is your brother
>You all f@*k each other
>The liverpool family
>der der der der clap clap etc
>Newcastle fans towards Sunderland fans.
>'Going down going down going down,
>Sunderland fans reply.....
>So are we , so are we , so are we .
>"Wheres your real dad, wheres your real dad!?"
>united fans to Shaun Wright-Philips
>Toon fans to JF Hasselbaink. He even laughed!:
>"You're just a fat Eddie Murphy"
>(To the tune of Craig David - Rewind):
>A song about Tim Howard's tourettes syndrome.....
>*in style of Chim-Chiminey*
>Tim timminy
>Tim timminy
>Tim Tim Tirooo
>We've got Tim Howard
>and he says F**K YOU!!
>In reference to Jamie Carragher's dad being banned from football stadia
>being arrested for being drunk at a football match:
>He's red, He's sound, He's banned from every ground, Carra's dad,
>Carra's dad
>Sung by Birmingham fans after Heskey started banging in the goals at St
>Andrews... Theres only one Emile Heskey, one Emile Heskey, He used to be
>But now hes alright, Walking in a Heskey wonderland.
>Here's a beauty sung at Highbury when Cygan is drafted in as emergency
>He's bald, He's sh!t, He plays when no-one's fit, Pascal
>Cygan! Pascal Cygan!
>To the tune of Rebel Rebel:
>Neville Neville, you play in defence,
>Neville Neville, your play is immense,
>Neville Neville, like Jacko you're bad, Neville Neville is the name of
>your dad
>Don't blame it on the Biscan,
>Don't blame it on the Hamann,
>Don't blame it on the Finnan,
>Blame it on Traore,
>He just can't, He just can't, He just can't control his feet.
>He just can't, He just can't, He just can't control his feet.

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