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Dave works hard at the plant
Wife Jokes

Dave works hard at the plant and spends most evenings bowling or

>Playing basketball at the gym.


>His wife thinks he is pushing himself too hard, so for his birthday She

>takes him to a local strip club.


>The doorman at the club greets them and says, "Hey, Dave! How ya doin?"


>His wife is puzzled and asks if he's been to this club before. "Oh no,"

>says Dave. "He's on my bowling team."


>When they are seated, a waitress asks Dave if he'd like his usual and

>brings over a Crownie.


>His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and says, "How did she know

>that you drink Crownies ?"


>"She's in the Ladies' Bowling League, honey. We share lanes with them."


>A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her arms around Dave,

>starts to rub herself all over him and says "Hi Davey. Want your usual

>table dance, big boy?"


>Dave's wife, now furious, grabs her purse and storms out of the club.


>Dave follows and spots her getting into a cab.


>Before she can slam the door, he jumps in beside her. Dave tries

>desperately to explain how the stripper must have mistaken him for someone

>else, but his wife is having none of it. She is screaming at him at the top

>of her lungs, calling him

>every 4 letter word in the book.


>The cabby turns around and says, "Geez Dave, you picked up a real bitch

>this time".

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