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Witch Doctor
Sex Jokes

Witch Doctor > >After a few years of married life, a man finds that he is
> unable >>>to perform. He goes to his doctor who tries a few things, but
> >>>nothing seems to work. So the doctor refers him to a witch >>>doctor. The
> witch doctor says, I can cure this. >>>He throws a white powder in a flame,


> there is a flash >>>with billowing blue smoke. Then he says, This is


> >>>healing, but you can only use it once a year. All you have to >>>do is


> '123', and it shall rise for as long as you wish! >>>The guy then asks, What
> happens when it's over and I don't >>>want to continue? >>>All you or your
> partner has to say is '1234,' and it will go >>>down. >>>But be warned: It


> not work again for another year. >>>The guy goes home, and that night he is
> ready to surprise his >>>wife. He showers, shaves, and puts on his most


> shaving >>>lotion. After he gets into bed and is lying next to her, he says,
> >>>123 and suddenly he gets an erection, just as the witch >>>doctor said.
> >>>His wife was facing the other way and turns over and >>>says, What did


> say '123' for? >>> >> >> >>

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