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A man marries a deaf girl
Wife Jokes

1. A man marries a deaf girl.
> > He mimes: "Let's make a code: if I want sex, I will squeeze your breast.
> > response, you can pull my penis once for Yes, and 50 times for No"!!!
> >
> > 2. John asks his grandpa: "Do you still have sex with Granny?"
> > Grandpa says: "Yes, but only Oral".
> > John says: "what is oral?"
> > Grandpa: "I say Fuck you, and she says: Fuck you too"!!!
> >
> > 3. The 3 tragedies in a man's life:
> > I. life sucks
> > II. job sucks
> > III. Wife does NOT!!!
> >
> > 4. A man is dying of cancer.
> > His son: "Dad why you keep telling people you're dying of AIDS??"
> > Answer: "So that when I die,no one will dare to fuck your mother."!!!
> >
> > 5. "I am your Doctor. Sorry to inform you that you have a brain problem.
> > Your brain is in 2 parts... Left and right. The left part has nothing
> > in it, and the right has nothing left in it"!!!
> >
> > 6. YESTERDAY NEWS: A nun jogging in the park was raped.
> > TODAY'S NEWS: Hundreds of nuns are jogging in the park!
> >
> > 7. Question: "Why is a waist called a waist?"
> > Answer: "Because, anything above the pussy and below the tits is a
> > waste"!!!
> >
> > 8. A lady tells her Man: "I demand good manners in bed, just like at the
> > dinner table".
> > The man climbs into bed slowly and says: "Honey, would you please pass me
> > the vagina?"
> >
> > 9. Question: "What's the similarity between a good-looking, faithful, rich
> > husband who satisfies his wife sexually every night and Bin Laden?"

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