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John and Simon fancied a pint
Drink Jokes

John and Simon fancied a pint or two but didn't have a lot of
>>> > altogether they had a staggering 50 pence.
>>> >
>>> > Simon said 'Hang on I've an idea' - went into the butchers shop
>>> > door
>>> > and came out with one large Cumberland Sausage.
>>> >
>>> > John - 'Are you crazy? Now we haven't got any money left at
>>>all' Simon
>>> > said
>>> > 'Don't worry - just follow me' and went into the pub where he
>>> > immediately
>>> > ordered two pints and two large Jack Daniels'
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > John - 'Now you really have lost it - do you know how much
>>>trouble we
>>> > will
>>> > be in -we haven't got any money!!'
>>> >
>>> > Simon- 'Don't worry - I've got a plan - Cheers'
>>> >
>>> > They had their drinks and Simon said 'OK, I will now stick the
>>> > down
>>> > my trousers and through my zip - you get on your knees and suck
>>> > it '
>>> >
>>> > John Knelt down and started sucking the sausage...............
>>>Said and
>>> > done
>>> > the landlord noticed this, went berserk and yelled "get outta
>>>my pub you
>>> > disgusting poofders" and threw them out. They continued this,
>>>pub after
>>> > pub,
>>> > getting more and more drunk -all for free.
>>> >
>>> > At the 10th pub John said 'Mate - I don't think I can continue
>>>this any
>>> > longer - I am totally wasted and my knees are killing me'
>>> >
>>> > Simon said- 'How do you think I feel - I lost the sausage in
>>>the 3rd
>>> > pub'

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