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If Premiership teams were ladies
Footy Jokes

If Premiership teams were ladies...
> Arsenal - Angelina Jolie - Look good, a bit maverick at times and
> you know they have the potential to really f**k you over.
> Aston Villa - Dido - One big hit. Fairly inoffensive really.
> Birmingham City - Maria Carey - Occasionally interesting,
> annoying. Supporters are thick
> Blackburn Rovers - Melanie Sykes - Common as muck Lancy, constantly
> worrying.
> Bolton Wanderers - Natalie Imbruglia - Always looks like she might
> go down but never does!
> Charlton Athletic - Martine McCutcheon - Chirpy Cockney with the
> ability to spring a few surprises!
> Chelsea - Maggie Thatcher - Hated by millions, supported by idiots!
> Everton - Barbara Windsor - Been laughing at those tits so long we
> forget that once upon a time they actually looked quite good!
> Fulham - Andrea Corr - Not bad to look at but not much of her.
> a bit awestruck with fame.
> Leicester City - Patsy Palmer - Generally a bit crap and second
> really, but some people like her.
> Leeds United - Christina Aguilera - Dirrrty
> Liverpool - Sophie Ellis Bextor - Individually all the components
> look fantastic - just doesn't work when put together.
> Man City - Madonna - Have been big at times - now lost the plot a
> bit - aging stars. Nice new home though.
> Man United - Jordan - Dominated by tits. Quite repulsive really
> Middlesbrough - Tara Palmer Tompkinson - Can look quite good at the
> back -but nothing at all up front to speak of.
> Newcastle United - Pamela Anderson - Can look good. Various
> unsavoury elements though.
> Portsmouth - Chrissie Hynde - On the face of it a has-been but
> you're quite interested in what she's going to do next.
> Southampton - Kylie Minogue - Sometimes you feel sorry for them,
> They're not huge and you've got a bit of a soft spot.
> Tottenham Hotspur - Kim Wilde - Glamerous in the 80's not so nice
> watch now.
> Wolverhampton Wanderers - Lynda Lovelace - Big in the 70's
> guaranteed to go down.
> - MILLWALL - AS IF ( Alright then you realised i added this one on )

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