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The 25 best exam answers
Kids Jokes

Brilliant these made me cry with laughter!

1) _Classical Studies_
Question: Name one of the early Romans' greatest achievements.
Answer: Learning to speak Latin

2) _Biology_
Question: What is a fibula?
Answer: A little lie

3) _General Studies_
Question: Jeff has been asked to collect data about the amount of
television his friends watch. Think of an appropriate question he could
ask them.
Answer: How much TV do you watch?

4) _Classical Studies_
Question: What were the circumstances of Julius Caesar's death?
Answer: Suspicious ones

5) _Biology_
Question: Give an example of a smoking-related disease
Answer: Early death

6) _Geography_
Question: What are the Pyramids?
Answer: The Pyramids are a large mountain range which splits France and

7) _Biology_
Question: What is a plasmid?
Answer: A high definition television

8) _English_
Question: In Pride and Prejudice, at what moment does Elizabeth Bennet
realise her true feelings for Mr Darcy?
Answer: When she sees him coming out of the lake.

9) _Geography_
Question: What do we call a person forced to leave their home perhaps by
a natural disaster or war, without having another home to go to.
Answer: Homeless

10) _Religious Studies_
Question: Christians only have one spouse, what is this called?
Answer: Monotony

11) _Biology_
Question: In the Hawaiian Islands, there are around 500 different
species of fruit fly. Give a reason for this
Answer: There are approximately 500 varieties of fruit

12) _Physics_
Question: Name an environmental side effect of burning fossil fuels
Answer: Fire

13) _Geography_
Question: Define the term "intensive farming".
Answer: It is when a farmer never has a day off.

14) _Maths_
Question: Change 7/8 to a decimal
Answer: 7.8

15) _Geography_
Question: What does the term "lava" mean?
Answer: A pre-pubescent caterpillar

16) _General Studies_
Question: Redundancy is often an unpleasant and unexpected event in
someone's life. Give two examples of unexpected life events.
Answer: 1) death 2) Reincarnation

17) _History_
Question: What was introduced in the Children's Charter of 1908?
Answer: Children

18) _Business Studies
_Question_:_ Explain the word "wholesaler".
Answer: Someone who sells you whole items - eg, a whole cake

19) _Geography
_Question: The race of people known as Malays come from which country?
Answer: Malaria

20) _Geography_
Question:What artificial waterway runs between the Mediterranean and Red
Answer: The Sewage Canal

21) _Geography_
Question: Name one famous Greek landmark
Answer: The most famous Greek landmark is the Apocalypse

22) _Maths_
Question: Expand 2 (x + y)
Answer: 2 ( x + y )
2 ( x + y )
2 ( x + y )

23) _Business Studies_
Question: Assess Fashion House pls's choice to locate its factory near
Birmingham. Is Birmingham the right location for this type of business?
Answer: No. People from Birmingham aren't very fashionable.

24) _History_
Question: Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed?
Answer: At the bottom.

25) _History_
Question: What did Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan have in common?
Answer: Unusual names.

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